‘I have recently worked with Richard on a collaborative initiative financed by NHS Nottingham City hosted Nottingham CVS to support the development of the voluntary sector in Nottingham.

As part of this work Richard effectively led a project team of voluntary and statutory members to devise a solution to make statutory sector need assessments and priorities accessible to local voluntary sector organisations. The partnership approach which Richard facilitated has culminated in the development of a highly successful ‘voluntary sector hub’ concept housed on the Nottingham Insight website.

Mick Dunn
GIS, Data and Information Systems Manager, Nottingham City Council

About ConnectMore Solutions

ConnectMore Solutions specialises in the provision of practical support packages to facilitate the development of effective public services from the not for profit sector.

In our view quality public service provision rarely happens by chance. Where it is found we believe that quality provision is linked to the development of sustainable partnership based approaches between the commissioners and providers of services.

As a result we work with commissioners, providers and infrastructure organisations to develop new and sustainable working practices in the design and delivery of public services.

Our products are proven to help not for profit organisations and public sector partners respond to the changing priorities of public service provision.

If you are interested in the development of sustainable working practices in market development, commissioning and procurement or community engagement we would like to hear from you.

Introducing ConnectMore Solutions Founder & Director

Introducing Richard Hazledine

Throughout the course of his career Richard has worked in the private, statutory and not for profit sectors. This experience has enabled Richard to develop a comprehensive variety of skills which have since been used to assist both statutory and not for profit organisations to develop new and sustainable working practices.


Examples include:

Based on the current challenges facing the providers and commissioners of public services Richard has created ConnectMore Solutions an organisation designed to support the development of sustainable public services for the ultimate benefit of communities across the UK.

To find out more about ConnectMore Solutions and how we can help you please call 07951 987234 or email richardh@connectmore.org.uk