About ConnectMore Solutions

ConnectMore Solutions specialise in the provision of practical support packages to facilitate the development of effective public services from the not for profit sector.

In our view effective public service delivery takes place when providers, commissioners and service users are effectively ‘connected’ in the commissioning cycle.  When this approach is taken the chances of quality, cost effective services naturally increase. Read more »

Richard brings a knowledge of voluntary and statutory health and social care structures to his work. This knowledge has helped the One East Midlands health and social care network to consider pragmatic responses to emerging health and social care policy. Richard has been able to offer invaluable support to me and the team who support the regional network.

Rachel Quinn
CEO, One East Midlands

Public Sector

We offer a variety of support services to enable public sector partners get the best out of their local not for profit providers through the development of sustainable and progressive working practices to enhance both service design and delivery.


We offer support services to not for profit organisations wishing to deliver public services. This often involves new insights into the commissioning process and how organisations should be preparing to respond.


Voluntary Infrastructure

We offer a range of training and support services to assist local infrastructure organisations to empower their members to engage with the processes affecting public service design and delivery.



Our consultancy projects come in all 'shapes and sizes' but typically support greater collaboration between the 'not for profit' and public sectors. We aim to develop sustainable solutions which add value across the community