Richard developed and delivered a very effective NHS procurement training programme for local third sector providers. The results were backed up by a demonstrable improvement in competitive submissions from providers’.

‘Where Richard has extended specific support to providers, the Primary Care Trust has seen a marked improvement in the quality and content of competitive submissions’.

David Bailey
NHS Nottingham City, Procurement and Supplies Manager

Public Sector Commissioners

We appreciate that Commissioning Managers in the UK have a tough job.

Public service provision is changing and we know that Commissioners of public services are increasingly being targeted to do more with less.

Whilst spending on service provision is under threat many would argue that health and social inequalities across society are increasing.

At ConnectMore Solutions we devise support packages to assist Commissioners to work with their local not for profit providers.  How we do this will depend on your precise needs as the Commissioner.  This might mean capacity building the local provider market, developing new consultation mechanisms or assisting you to review current service provision.

In many instances Commissioners are working with not for profit providers who are unfamiliar with the Commissioning process.  This lack of knowledge typically results in frustration and wasted time on the part of Commissioners and providers as tender submissions reveal a series of misunderstandings between both parties.

Our key aim at ConnectMore is to build new sustainable working practices between commissioners and providers of public services to enhance future service provision.

Benefits ConnectMore can bring

Commissioners and Providers have told us that our approach helps to bring a number of benefits, including:

For more details of our work  please read the testimonials from the NHS, Nottingham City Council and a range of 'not for profit' organisations.