‘Richard developed and delivered a very effective NHS procurement training programme for local third sector providers. The results were backed up by a demonstrable improvement in competitive submissions from providers’.
‘Where Richard has extended specific support to providers, the Primary Care Trust has seen a marked improvement in the quality and content of competitive submissions’.

David Bailey
NHS Procurement & Supplies Manager

Public Sector
Market development starter pack

Development time: One to three months


We work with your commissioning and procurement teams to devise an effective programme of training and support to enable local providers to bid for contracts.

The programme looks at the strategic documents driving the commissioning process including the JSNA and sustainable community strategy alongside the procurement process which providers must navigate through to contract award.

The programme is specifically designed to produce a focussed training session to enable your organisation communicate key messages to empower providers to proactively prepare for future contract opportunities.


The development of a ‘One-Stop Shop’ training experience to enable your potential provider market to proactively prepare to engage with your commissioning process  in advance of a procurement exercise.