‘Richard possesses an in-depth knowledge of voluntary sector health and social care provision which is complemented by his awareness of public sector commissioning structures and systems. This complementary knowledge enables those working with Richard to consider new approaches to align their service provision with statutory priorities and documented community needs’.


Sarah Collis
Director, Self Help Nottingham

Voluntary Sector Infrastructure Organisations

Public sector commissioning is complex.

Public sector commissioning is constantly evolving.

Effective Public sector commissioning with the voluntary sector requires specialist support.

At ConnectMore solutions we recognises that it can be challenging for local infrastructure organisations to  support local 'not for profit' providers to secure and deliver public sector contracts.

In the current resource constrained climate the necessary time, energy and resources required to develop appropriate support packages are often in short supply.  We can help through the development of proven packages to help local providers understand how to navigate through the commissioning process.

Training and mentoring programmes

We offer training and mentoring programmes to help organisations get to grips with the language, culture and systems surrounding the commissioning process.

This support is currently on offer for organisations wishing to learn about commissioning processes and includes:

For more details of our work to support 'not for profit' organisations to secure and deliver public sector contracts please get in touch.